Progress Through Baby Steps

questionnaireAfter running around doing errands all day Saturday, I spent a large chunk of Sunday answering questionnaires.  One for the bariatric surgeon, one for the clinical nutritionist evaluation, and a 14-page one for the psych eval.  They arrived last week but I wanted time to work on them without interruptions (such as a kitty who needs to play or food or both).  I’d also noticed that there were similarities and cross-over questions between the 3 forms, and it made sense to do them together, hoping that answering one set of questions would help me remember stuff to include in the next set.  It worked.

One of the more ridiculous questions was to list all of the diet/weight loss plans I’d been on, when I started and at what weight, how much did I lose and how long did it take.  C’mon, I’ve been fighting weight problems for almost 45 years; no way I can remember them all!  But I could remember the ones where I was significantly successful, though I had to guess about dates and starting weights.  Had I known this would be useful, I’d have kept a list since I was in Junior High – naaah, probly not.

The psych evaluation was today and it was hard because unlike other therapist’s visits, I knew I was being judged.  It turned out to be nothing to worry about, and the psychologist told me within 20 minutes that Weight Loss Surgery for Dummiesshe would recommend me as a good candidate for lapband.  That was a relief and a validation.  She was excited to hear about Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies, which is new on my bookshelf.

On the way home from that appointment, I mailed the surgeon’s questionnaire to the Care Coordination Unit (how’s that for a mouthful?).  So there is only one more to go before I can meet with the surgeon, though who knows how long it takes to make an appointment.  So far, though, things are moving fast.

I tried to do the long-delayed fasting blood work on Saturday morning before WW but discovered the room was PACKED with people who had the same idea.  So now I need to make an appointment with them for this coming Saturday to make that actually work.  My mammogram is scheduled for early August and I’m waiting for a referral to make the colonoscopy appointment.  I feel like a little medical practice dummy, doing so much together.

Lost another 2 lbs this week and my total is now 18.  Progress is steady and easier to achieve.  I just don’t feel all that hungry and am much better at knowing to stop when I’m full, and eating high-protein options instead of empty food.  Empty of nutrition but not calories, that is.  Well, you know that 🙂

I discovered at the hairdresser on Saturday that my head is full of natural curls.  Who knew?  I used to have them but when I went on my protein sparing modified fasts back around 1980 (yes, I’m old), I lost a lot of hair and it grew back coarser and straight as a stick.  Most annoying.   I then permed my hair for TWENTY FIVE years and have been off that for four.  Now I have a head full of lots of little curls and ringlets and new options, which is always a Good Thing.

6 thoughts on “Progress Through Baby Steps

  1. C

    It’s impressive that you’ve taken care of all of these simultaneously. I did them sequentially, since my insurance plan required participation in a six-month program of supervised weight loss program and medical visits, so there wasn’t much point in rushing things. I agree with you about having to remember when you lost weight and how much. Like you, I did my best to remember, but the record is hardly strictly accurate. Good luck.


    1. Hi C – My insurance does require a 6-month program of a supervised weight loss program, but when I asked for a referral, they didn’t ask how far along I was on that. It’s possible my primary care dr. told them. My guess is they may wait to schedule the surgeon’s appt until after I’ve completed the 6 months. Or possibly meet with me to see if I’m viable, contingent upon completing my 6-mos. program. Who knows, I’m just taking it one step at a time 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement and support!

  2. Hi.. This is my first stop here. I really like your blog so far.

    I’m looking forward to hear more about how things worked out for you 🙂

  3. 18 pounds! With all the struggles you’ve been through, that’s an impressive number!

    When you think about it, everything we do needs to be done a step at a time. Your methodical, logical approach is paying great dividends. I, too, look forward to the rest of your story.

  4. Congrats on 18 pounds…that is really great!! 🙂

    And good for you for taking care of all your medical stuff at one time…I go through spurts like that too…it feels good to get it all done even if it seems like a lot to handle all at once.

    I totally laughed about them wanting to know a list of all the diets, etc. tried over a lifetime!! NO WAY could I remember all of them! But, like you, I could remember the ones that were successful. And I think that’s a good exercise to see what works for us… 🙂

    I’m glad you are making such great progress! 🙂

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