Obsessed with Jon and Kate Even Though I Don’t Like Them

Jon and Kate Plus Eight (image from TLC)I have become obsessed with Jon and Kate Plus Eight, and not in a good way.  It’s a show I knew was on TLC but didn’t really watch because, well, watching 8 small children with stressed out parents just isn’t my idea of fun, even if the kids are adorable.  Every once in a while I’d catch a glimpse when nothing else was on or I was waiting for another show that I did watch.  Last weekend there was a marathon of what must have been every show, gearing up the season premier of these wounded, angry, bitter adults with children who need to be enjoying their lives without cameras in their faces every minute.

Every tabloid at the grocery store (which is the only place I see them because they’re not things I seek out) had a picture of Kate on there somewhere, and even papers as reputable as the NY Times have had articles about the show and the unraveling of a family.  There’s even a Gosselins Without Pity blog with armloads of comments from outraged viewers.  The consensus there is that Kate is a witch, Jon is abused but not without responsibility, and the kids need to have the cameras stop now so they don’t have to have wall-to-wall coverage of the dissolution of their family.

I don’t know why this has hooked me.  I don’t have children and don’t want any other than my kitty.  Watching candid reality shows is not on my list of fun things to do.  Watching people of any age or sex be picked on and belittled pushes buttons inside and my heart hurts for them – so it’s not something I voluntarily do.  I don’t have any plans to watch any other episodes of the show (I broke down and watched the premier but it was awful and I don’t want to support the show in any way).  I even wrote to TLC to tell them what I thought, which is something I rarely do.

But yet I do care about the kids and in a train-wreck way, want to know what happens.  I’m not proud of it but will probably do Google searches (or just look at tabloid covers) to keep up with the story.  Let’s hope something more distracting comes along soon.


In other news, I spent part of the weekend decluttering, inspired by Lori’s success.  I lugged a bag of clothes and some books to Goodwill but this is a particularly congested time there with students moving out of apartments following local college graduations.  I have other things in mind to take down when it’s a bit easier to get a parking space.  I also figured out that the way to get bill paying done more efficiently was to download Quicken to the laptop and move the whole operation to the dining table.  Going to the study to use the old desktop, which is usually turned off, just wasn’t happening.  I’m caught up on reconciling statements and paying bills which isn’t a sexy thing to do but definitely necessary and I like the tidiness of knowing everything is in order.

My parents are coming to visit at the end of June and I’m also debating whether to hire a maid service to do a thorough cleaning.  I hate to clean and somehow need to have things very clean and everything in place when the parents come.  Cat hair will, of course, still adorn everything but perhaps not in a thick layer.  They haven’t met their grandkitty yet so we want the first impressions to be good ones.  Let’s hope she doesn’t hide under the bed the whole time!

3 thoughts on “Obsessed with Jon and Kate Even Though I Don’t Like Them

  1. Lori W.

    Glad I could inspire you! I’m sure your apartment will be fine. I thought that your parents had met Tessie. She may hide under the bed for a couple of days but she should be a little more outgoing. But it’s possible that she might be like Miss Orange and Flynn when Jamie’s girl(s) come over. Under the bed for most of the weekend and lurking out at night for food and litter. You just never know. It will be okay either way.

    The whole J&K thing is a train wreck, that’s for sure.

  2. I have never seen an episode of Jon and Kate + 8 but had heard she could be rude when talking to her husband. I too, had no desire to watch someone try to juggle 8 kids . . . sounded nightmarish.


    Jon got caught leaving the bar and it became interesting. I now wonder if her verbal abuse toward Jon had anything to do with his extra-marital affair(s). She might have known/suspected and felt safe in front of the cameras to berate him. Who knows. It’s sad for the kids.

  3. Meghan

    So I found this website using google images, searching up peanut brittle for someone who, honest to god, had no idea what it was.

    Crazy, I know.

    Anyway, I searched around and found this entry, and I just thought I’d mention that IMO, it seems like Jon and Kate could work out their problems if the media wasn’t covering everything and making it out to be worse than it is.

    It’s like the world wants them to get divorced, and that’s honestly not fair to anyone.

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