I Secret Santa’d Myself

I had no idea I needed a cordless vacuum until my housecleaner used one on a visit before Thanksgiving. My 13-year-old Dyson works great but is heavy, cumbersome, and, well, has a cord that I have to move multiple times as I clean. I need cleaning to be easier to do or I put it off, and with the cats shedding fur everywhere, I really need to whip around and sweep the floors more often than I’d been doing.

So I Secret Santa’d myself and bought a Tineco A10 Hero+ after doing some research with Consumer Reports (I’m a librarian, I can’t help myself; research is in my blood). Tineco is the highest rated brand and the same one that my housecleaner used and raved about. And it was on sale at Amazon! It arrived in 2 days and I absolutely love it. Easy to carry, much quieter than the Dyson so the cats aren’t terrified, and it does a great job collecting cat fur.

Actually, I Secret Santa myself quite a lot. I don’t really NEED stuff as much as I want it. So anything that would be an impulse purchase gets saved to a Pinterest board so I can find it again if I’m interested – clothes, earrings, stuff for the house, ideas for other people. At least half of those items are mysteries later – why did I think THAT was something I wanted? – while others I buy and still others just sit there awhile longer. During these Covid times, I really appreciate online shopping, even with paying for shipping costs, because I do less in-store impulse buying. Just because something is cute and I like it doesn’t mean I need it or want to spend money on it. Have a central place to pin ideas helps me keep track of what interests me.

The cordless vacuum, though, was worth it. Now I think there’s a pair of earrings calling my name.

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