Trying a Different Approach

EnlightenmintsI gained 2 lbs this week which isn’t particularly surprising. I’ve been snacky these last few days and choosing to snack on salty things, which usually shows up on the scale. Plus I’ve been the Evil Princess of Exercise (aka, not doing much). So I wasn’t surprised or upset or even disappointed. There are consequences for the things I did, and not losing is one of them.

On the way home I thought about what I’d been doing or not doing. I know this food plan cold so it was pretty easy to spot behaviors that had slipped and that I want to change.  Journaling in advance works much better for me than doing it after the fact, since it gives me a plan for my day. Those basic food groups should be more than just a suggestion – I should actually be eating them. I need more water and am somewhat bemused that this has slacked off because it used to be really easy for me. Of course, I used to have a bubbler right outside of my office and suspect there is a connection.  But water comes from other places, too.

Tomorrow is another day and another WW week. I’m going to try a different approach this time. I’m not going to belabor what I do, just concentrate on making positive changes. But I’m also not going to blog about it every day. I want to just live with them and not shine a magnifying lens on everything I do.

When I joined WW in 2002, I went to meetings, followed the food plan, and went to the gym. Blogs weren’t part of my life, although I did send regular emails to my long-distance “coach” and talked via IM with a friend who joined WW the same week that I did. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading and writing and staying in touch with so many people who are doing this thing that we do.

But sometimes I get pretty self-absorbed and develop tunnel vision and I don’t like how that feels. So don’t be surprised to turn here and find me talking about something other than food and diets now and then. I want to keep this all in perspective and just live my life. We’ll see how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Trying a Different Approach

  1. It is very tough for me to get water in every day. Also, when the temperature gets cooler, I’m not as thirsty.

    Good luck with the water consumption. You will get back in the groove. I remember admiring how much water you would drink in the morning (I’m a coffee drinker).

  2. vickie

    The inside of my car trunk looks like I am expecting a natural catastrophe any moment. I have two cases of water in there – most all the time. I have trained myself to get a bottle out and immediately DRINK it – every time I start or stop something – putting stuff in trunk after yoga, putting groceries in car after store, going into and coming out of therapy, etc. I think this might be a factor of my lifestyle -“stay at home moms” tend to LIVE in their car – so I take advantage of it. My car stays in the garage which is never really COLD – so this works even in the winter.

    I can WELL imagine that with your move – things are all different – things that were “automatic” are now like you sort of never did them – because your time schedule and surroundings are different.

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