Saturday Update

Hello my fellow bloggers and bloggettes.  Long time no post.  But fear not, nothing is wrong – I’m just spending less time online in the evenings at the request of my cat, who wants me to pay attention to and play with her.  It also feels good to not spend every waking minute online for a change.

I’m really getting into Twitter and connecting with people via Facebook, mostly people from my professional life who have whole lives outside of work.  Who knew that they were so interesting, or that we’d have to much to talk about?  One thing I’m liking about both is that microblogging – those little short burst of message without doing whole posts – fits some kind of comfort level for communication that blogging doesn’t quite do.  That’s the whole point of social networking.

Still not exercising much, but I did do the walk from the parking garage to the office one day this week and am pondering do more of it next week.  Note the level of commitment – ha ha ha.  I did get some new bathing suits on 75% off sale from Junonia, which is a great place for active wear for plus size women.  Not having a suit was my reason excuse for not going to the pool to do water aerobics.  I bought two different sizes since they were only $17.50 (really, go figure that one) which eliminates the “it doesn’t fit” problem.  Next step is actually going into the pool but first things first.

Tomorrow is my WW meeting.  My current goal is to not gain weight.  That seems to be as much of a challenge as actually losing it, so I’m taking this as a very small step to not feel like a horrible failure for gaining a little and then losing it again.  I’m within one pound of where I was at the beginning of June – and right now, for me, that’s an accomplishment.

Now it’s time to stop goofing around and go to the farm for some lovely fresh fruits and veggies (local corn and tomatoes fresh from the field – yum!) and then the grocery store.  This afternoon it’s haircut time; even though I’d rather go out and enjoy the gorgeous not-really-late-August weather, appointments are hard to come by at this place so I’ll make do.

One thought on “Saturday Update

  1. farm stand shopping sounds lovely. nice weather sounds lovely too. We are HUMID here – so I am currently an air conditioner queen.

    swim suits sound great.
    That is the deal of the century!!!
    I am sure the fabric cost twice that (if not more) – swim suit fabric is expensive!

    Your cat sounds like she was such a lovely idea for you. so glad that you two have each other. It worked out so well – they are truly like little people – with their personalities and playfulness.

    have a great rest of the weekend . . .

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