Cheesecake Pudding Yogurt

Creamy yogurt with fruitCraving something cool and creamy but want to stay on program? Need some calcium in your food plan and need it to be Core? Try Pudding Yogurt! It’s so easy, it’s criminal. But it’s also amazingly wonderful and something I eat every single day.

Combine in bowl with a whisk until smooth:

1 32-oz container of Fat -Free plain yogurt (not vanilla)
1 small box of sugar-free fat-free pudding mix (cheesecake flavor is my favorite)

Fold in fresh or frozen fruit, or a well-drained can of crushed pineapple.

For better portion control, divide the yogurt into individual containers. Makes 7-8, depending on how much fruit you add.  I make 7 containers and count as 2 points.  It’s also a Core food.

Good flavor combos:
Pistachio pudding with crushed pineapple
Lemon pudding with strawberries
French vanilla pudding with peaches
Cheesecake pudding with anything

8 thoughts on “Cheesecake Pudding Yogurt

  1. LA Librarian

    Just curious (as I’m having sweet creamy-type cravings…)–what’s the problem w/ vanilla yogurt? If it’s the splenda-sweetened non-fat kind? Is it a flavor thing or a calorie thing? I don’t want to ruin it!

  2. Hi LA – the vanilla yogurt, even the non-fat kind, has more calories than the plain does. It’s annoying but true. On WW, the FF plain is on the Core plan but nothing else is, which tells me something.

    There is ONE brand of FF vanilla that works calorie-wise — Dannon’s Light and Fit Vanilla. It has 80 calories vs. my store-brand that has 180. I usually use the Dannon kind if I’m making the chocolate-fudge. It’s a little bit runnier so it doesn’t keep quite as long, but it’s very tasty.

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